Building page

Creating pages

When creating new page components, place them inside resources/js/craftable-pro/Pages folder in your project. This way they will be automatically loaded by the resources/js/craftable-pro/index.ts file.

Page component

Every page component has to be a Vue component. You can use following template as a starting point to provide consistent page layout and styling. Of course you can still create page from scratch if you need to.

    <PageHeader :title="$t('craftable-pro', 'New page title')">
        <!-- PageHeader default slot used to place buttons or any other markup inside the PageHeader -->
        <!-- PageContent default slot used to place content within the container -->
        <template #aside>
                Optional PageContent slot used to place content outside of the container.
                Usefull for using dedicated `Aside` component
<script setup>
import { PageHeader, PageContent } from 'craftable-pro/Components'
Last updated on January 7, 2023