Upgrade Guide

Upgrading from v1.x

Follow these steps to upgrade your Craftable PRO installation to v2:

Update composer.json

Increase version number of "brackets/craftable-pro" in composer.json to ^2.0 and run composer update to update dependencies.

Publish Migrations, Assets, and JS Stubs

Execute the following commands in your terminal to publish migrations, public assets, and JavaScript stubs required for Craftable PRO:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Brackets\CraftablePro\CraftableProServiceProvider" --tag="craftable-pro-migrations"
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Brackets\CraftablePro\CraftableProServiceProvider" --tag="craftable-pro-public"
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Brackets\CraftablePro\CraftableProServiceProvider" --tag="craftable-pro-js-stubs"

Don't forget to run the migrations after publishing them:

php artisan migrate

Add newly required npm dependency

Next, you need to add the vue-slicksort package, which is a dependency for some of the draggable functionalities in Craftable PRO's Vue components. Run the following npm command:

npm install vue-slicksort

Update Configuration

If you've previously published the Craftable PRO configuration file, please ensure it's updated. Compare your project's config/craftable-pro.php with the default configuration found at vendor/brackets/craftable-pro/config/craftable-pro.php and add any missing settings.

Update Inertia Request Handling

If you've customized CraftableProHandleInertiaRequests middleware, update share method to include the following variables. This enhancement is crucial for supporting two-factor authentication and integrating with social media login services:

public function share(Request $request): array
    // Prior shared data...
    $showTwoFactorAuthCTA = $this->showTwoFactorAuthCTA($request);
    return array_merge(parent::share($request), [
        'auth' => [
            // ...
            'showTwoFactorCTA' => fn() => $showTwoFactorAuthCTA,
        // ...
        'config' => [
            'craftable_pro' => [
                'track_user_last_active_time' => config('craftable-pro.track_user_last_active_time', false),
            'socialite' => [
                'microsoft' => config('craftable-pro.social_login.allowed_services.microsoft', false),
                'github' => config('craftable-pro.social_login.allowed_services.github', false),
                'google' => config('craftable-pro.social_login.allowed_services.google', false),
                'twitter' => config('craftable-pro.social_login.allowed_services.twitter', false),
                'facebook' => config('craftable-pro.social_login.allowed_services.facebook', false),
                'apple' => config('craftable-pro.social_login.allowed_services.apple', false),
            'media_library' => [
                'max_file_size' => config('media-library.max_file_size', 1024 * 1024 * 2),
        // ...
private function showTwoFactorAuthCTA(Request $request): bool
    $showTwoFactorAuthCTA = false;
    $twoFactorAuthRequired = $request->user('craftable-pro')
        && ! $request->user('craftable-pro')->hasEnabledTwoFactorAuthentication()
        && $request->user('craftable-pro')->hasRequiredTwoFactorAuthentication;
    // the user will see the modal only once in 24 hours
    if ($twoFactorAuthRequired && ! $request->cookie('twoFactorAuthCTAShown')) {
        $showTwoFactorAuthCTA = true;
        Cookie::queue('twoFactorAuthCTAShown', true, 60 * 24);
    return $showTwoFactorAuthCTA;

Run npm install and npm run craftable-pro:dev

Finally, don't forget to run craftable-pro:build or craftable-pro:dev to ensure that your project's frontend assets are up-to-date.

npm run craftable-pro:build
Last updated on February 19, 2024